If you are what you eat, then I’m a Corn Tortilla.

So. Why am I not a big fan of gluten-free bread? Well, the answer is simple, corn tortillas are naturally wheat-free and they’re delicious. I replaced my bread needs with corn tortillas back in my college days. You see most people gained  the “Freshman 15” but not me. Instead, I gained the “Sophomore 20.” This is for the simple reason of finally being able to cook for myself, rather than being subjected to dorm  food. I was able to make whatever I wanted and one thing in particular was sandwiches with gluten-free bread. Thing is I never really liked the bread because it was so dense not to mention kind of expensive on a college student’s budget, plus it was pretty fattening per slice for not being too tasty.

Now let me preface, once you have Celiac Disease or decide to eat gluten-free, you’re not exactly concerned with fat content or at least I wasn’t nor am I now. I am however health conscious and wouldn’t typically eat something I don’t like very much unless it was my only option, ya know?  At the time, I wasn’t thinking too outside the box and thought gluten-free bread was my only option. Not thrilled with my limitedness, I began getting more adventurous in what I ate. Something I say out-load and inside my brain is “Can I eat it? Then, I will.” This excludes gross things, however like bugs or any other blatantly nasty yet edible things. It’s not Fear Factor..geez.

Annnyway..back to corn tortillas or as I affectionately call them, “dillas.”  Breakfast Burrito? Nope. Breakfast Tacos. Turkey Sandwich? Nah man. Turkey Quesadilla. Pizza? Okay…well, now I’m  stretching it a bit. Although, I have been known to put some pizza sauce and toppings on a couple corn tortillas, then put it in the toaster oven. What’s the lesson? Other than corn tortillas are a great substitute to bread? Give up? It’s to IMPROVISE. Improvisation is key when eating gluten-free. As I mentioned in my first post, food is not the enemy. It’s delicious!

Now for my extremely simple recipe, if you can even call it that, for a Turkey Quesadilla aka my version of a Turkey Sandwich.

First – make a Quesadilla. * I use 3 ‘dillas so that they stand up to the meat and other flavors I add.

Now you can obviously fill it with whatever you’re heart desires but one of my favorite combinations is: Turkey, Muenster Cheese, Avocado, & Pico de Gallo

For a long time, I would only buy my turkey or other meats from a deli, that is until I found Columbus Roasted Turkey Breast. It doesn’t taste pre-packaged and lasts twice as long as regular deli meat. Plus, guess what? It’s gluten-free! (Click the Pic for all the deets).

Once the dilla is hot off the stove, you simply peel it open and let cool for a few secs before adding the innards. Cut in half, then maybe add some chips & a pickle. Full disclosure, I eat these at minimum of 3-4 times a week. If you don’t have avocado or maybe just don’t like it, I really like using hummus along with the turkey instead of your typical mustard or mayo.

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