About Me

Hiiiii. I’m Paige.  I know eating wheat-free or more technically speaking, gluten-free, has been growing in popularity over the years and I got to tell you it’s been pretty AMAZING for ME. This is because I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at a time (1997) when most people had never even heard the words, celiac or gluten, in the United States so it’s definitely a welcome change to not have to try so hard to you know…eat. It’s also nice speaking with people who are more informed about what celiac disease actually is or at least understands what gluten is because when you’re gluten-free the way you eat will come up.  A LOT. It could with be anyone from a new co-worker, a waiter, or even a close friend who’s known me for years but maybe didn’t quite understand why I ate the way I did.

If you’re reading this, then I’m assuming you already know what Celiac Disease is but just in case you don’t or just want to know more then click, here.

See. I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve figured out all sorts of ways to eat gluten-free without thinking too hard about it. To me, nothing sucks worse than worrying about every little thing you eat because then it just becomes a diet…ew. So, as you may have already guessed, the purpose of this blog is to share – Half a Lifetime of Eating Gluten-Free – with you.

Whether you’re recently diagnosed or just opting to eat gluten-free, I’m excited to share all my tips on recipes, dining out, traveling, and everything else that pops up along the way.  Also, as you may have guessed, my life does not revolve around having Celiac Disease…shocker I know, so since we’re being candid I should let you know I will also post about fashion, music, and other miscellaneous culture-like things from time to time. I work in the fashion industry so I do tend to think about clothes on the regular. Also, I’m constantly looking for fun things to do like: art shows, live music and  other general city dwelling adventures so I figured you could come along sometimes, too. Phew, now that we’ve covered that may I just say –  Hi! Welcome.  I look forward to hearing your questions, thoughts, and experiences with being gluten-free, too. Soooo please –

Contact Me at apaigeintimeblog@gmail.com

Hi. It’s me, Paige.

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