If you are what you eat, then I’m a Corn Tortilla.

So. Why am I not a big fan of gluten-free bread? Well, the answer is simple, corn tortillas are naturally wheat-free and they’re delicious. I replaced my bread needs with corn tortillas back in my college days. You see most people gained  the “Freshman 15” but not me. Instead, I gained the “Sophomore 20.” This is for the simple reason of finally being able to cook for myself, rather than being subjected to dorm  food. I was able to make whatever I wanted and one thing in particular was sandwiches with gluten-free bread. Thing is I never really liked the bread because it was so dense not to mention kind of expensive on a college student’s budget, plus it was pretty fattening per slice for not being too tasty.

Now let me preface, once you have Celiac Disease or decide to eat gluten-free, you’re not exactly concerned with fat content or at least I wasn’t nor am I now. I am however health conscious and wouldn’t typically eat something I don’t like very much unless it was my only option, ya know?  At the time, I wasn’t thinking too outside the box and thought gluten-free bread was my only option. Not thrilled with my limitedness, I began getting more adventurous in what I ate. Something I say out-load and inside my brain is “Can I eat it? Then, I will.” This excludes gross things, however like bugs or any other blatantly nasty yet edible things. It’s not Fear Factor..geez.

Annnyway..back to corn tortillas or as I affectionately call them, “dillas.”  Breakfast Burrito? Nope. Breakfast Tacos. Turkey Sandwich? Nah man. Turkey Quesadilla. Pizza? Okay…well, now I’m  stretching it a bit. Although, I have been known to put some pizza sauce and toppings on a couple corn tortillas, then put it in the toaster oven. What’s the lesson? Other than corn tortillas are a great substitute to bread? Give up? It’s to IMPROVISE. Improvisation is key when eating gluten-free. As I mentioned in my first post, food is not the enemy. It’s delicious!

Now for my extremely simple recipe, if you can even call it that, for a Turkey Quesadilla aka my version of a Turkey Sandwich.

First – make a Quesadilla. * I use 3 ‘dillas so that they stand up to the meat and other flavors I add.

Now you can obviously fill it with whatever you’re heart desires but one of my favorite combinations is: Turkey, Muenster Cheese, Avocado, & Pico de Gallo

For a long time, I would only buy my turkey or other meats from a deli, that is until I found Columbus Roasted Turkey Breast. It doesn’t taste pre-packaged and lasts twice as long as regular deli meat. Plus, guess what? It’s gluten-free! (Click the Pic for all the deets).

Once the dilla is hot off the stove, you simply peel it open and let cool for a few secs before adding the innards. Cut in half, then maybe add some chips & a pickle. Full disclosure, I eat these at minimum of 3-4 times a week. If you don’t have avocado or maybe just don’t like it, I really like using hummus along with the turkey instead of your typical mustard or mayo.

Weekend Sailing Trip – Gluten-free? Totally.

So, last weekend I went on a sailing trip to Catalina Island, which is right off the coast of Southern California. This was my first time really being on a boat for an extended period of time, so admittedly I was a little nervous. It’s sort of like the most extreme dinner party ever when it comes to eating what other people prepare for you. Fortunately, though the host couple, the ones who actually knew what they were doing sailing wise, were super considerate when sending out the “Meal Assignment” email before the trip to the group and mentioned that there would be a Gluten-Free person in their midst.

Lindsay, the lady half of the host couple, brought along some Udi’s bread. Now how thoughtful is that? And, this is a somewhat shameful moment in my gluten-free life, but I actually hadn’t ever had it. I’m sure all you new gluten-free eaters out there know ALL about it, though and if you don’t well now you know. Udi bread is delicious.

I actually gave up on gluten-free bread YEARS ago. It’s just not that tasty. Plus, it’s kind of fattening for something that isn’t that tasty, so I found alternatives that suited my taste buds which we’ll talk about in my next post. For now, though I just want to repeat that I am now a reformed eater of gluten-free bread, specifically Udi’s.

On another note, the weekend sailing was amazing. My group left on Friday morning, but I had to work so I joined them via the Catalina Express from San Pedro in the evening. While waiting to board, I got my mini-vacay started off right with a glass of Murphy-Goode Chardonnay, which was perfect for the hot September evening.

Once it was time to board, I hopped on the fairy and enjoyed the sun setting behind these massive transformer looking things.

When I arrived to the boat, I was greeted with smiles and a yummy bowl of Chicken Chili (gluten-free), of course.  After dinner and a couple more glasses of wine, we all hit the hay for a big day of sailing, swimming, snorkeling, and eating the next day. Udi’s Bread aside, the trick to eating on this trip was sticking to simple meals like scrambled eggs for breakfast, meats & cheeses for lunch, and 1 pot type meals for dinner.  It was a beautiful time. Yummy food, good company, and stunning scenery!